Toby Abbs



Our egoic minds help to shape our actions and beliefs on a daily basis. It is a 3rd dimensional thinking formed from our irrational minds that is fed by the illusion of oneself. In ancient Sanskrit the word is known as Maya (माया), and in our modern-day world we have become the greatest sorcerers of all time.

The only witness to the betrayal of our souls are the tears that flow from the universe every time we forget who we really are.

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It was the main event of the night, and the crowds were packed to the rafters. The lights of the stage burned lightly onto my skin and left me feeling warm inside. I had been rehearsing my illusions for a long time, it was my turn to step forward and to dazzle them with splendour and awe.

Instead of the rabbit, I pulled out my mental anguish from the top hat and laughed as it flooded the audience with its chaotic and pungent smell of deception and pain. With the audience transfixed I never saw the look of fear in their eyes or their desperate attempts to escape the madness from within my soul.

Available to buy on Amazon Kindle.